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Check out the new video - Hook Tool Tutorial

I made a video explaining what I have learned about using this tool. I give a more concise description of the tool, sharpening, tool presentation and cutting actions.

Popular Product


Woodturning Tool Store is proud to announce the introduction of the Hook Tool by Michael Hosaluk.  It leaves a very smooth surface which eliminates a lot of sanding time. The tool comes pre-shaped and sharpened and is just under 3″ long with a shank diameter to fit into a 5/16″ opening of a tool bar to hold it while in use.


Hook Tool Bar - The bar was designed to hold the Hook Tool by Michael Hosaluk.

Half Round Tool Bar - The bar was designed to hold the T1 HSS teardrop cutters.

Home of the Elio-DR Safe Drive Center

The adaptability in the adjustment of all three spurs and the conversion to a face-plate, make this the most versatile, safe and user-friendly drive center on the market today. Especially true for the Elio-DR with a drawbar.

Check out our T1 HSS Teardrop Cutters

These T1 HSS Cutters are 17% Tungsten Steel. T1 HSS is the best tool steel for high impact and high wear resistant. It is why it is the primary material used in industrial planer blades. The T1 HSS cutters are primarily used for hollowing. They can be used on captive boring bar systems and hand held tools with a screw. They can also be used as a scraper.

Jimmy Clewes Tools

Check out the line of Jimmy Clewes Mate tools. There are five different tools with two different size cutters which are extremely versatile and user friendly for both side and end grain turning and hollowing. Also available are the new tool shank adapters and the cam-action Quick Release handle inserts.

Carter and Son Toolworks

Check out the full selection of the high quality Carter and Son Toolworks turning tools. The full line of bowl and spindle gouges, scrapers, skews and parting tools made from M42 high speed steel. M42 is the optimal steel for turning wood. All the Carter and Son Toolworks tools are 100% made in America.

CC AllStar Winner 2017

Woodturning Tool Store, a provider of quality tools and equipment to the woodturning community, has been named a 2017 All Star Award winner by Constant Contact.  Read More ...

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