About Us

Woodturning Tool Store is dedicated to providing quality tools and equipment to the wood turning community. Our products include ‘safe’ drive centers and woodturning DVDs. We will soon be adding more products that are affordable and useful for all woodturners.

Our goal is to provide you a selection of unique quality products and also ensure that the service and support we provide makes your experience with us pleasant and hassle free. We are glad to be a part of your woodturning journey.

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Who we are …

Hello. my name is Tod Raines and I am originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada but moved to Allen, Texas in 1997. I am happily married to my wife Shelly and we have a daughter who is now making a life for herself. I am an electrical engineer that had worked in the telecom industry for over 23 years.

I started woodworking in the 1990s making furniture and built-in cabinets for our home. I bought my first lathe in 2002 and was self taught for the first couple of years. I then joined the Dallas Area Woodturners club (an American Association of Woodturners chapter) which helped guide and train me. One of the most notable training classes I have attended was a weekend turning class taught by Al Stirt. These two days with Al Stirt really helped enhance my turning skills while equally important expanding my knowledge about form, function, and how the wood grain and texture guides the turning decisions. Another great teacher I had was Donald Derry who helped me develop my hollowing skills.

Personally, I enjoy the immediate spontaneity of wood turning. The best part is that it only takes a small amount of time to complete a turned project (however, some can take much longer). This makes it easy to keep up with your turning hobby even among a busy work life.

Here is a link to my personal webpage: NTR Woodturning

How Woodturning Tool Store started …

I was a subscriber to the email newsletter “The Lathest News” published by Brian McEvoy of OneGoodTurn.ca and Gord Langer of LangerCraftworks.com. When I got an email in March 2017 that they were planning to stop the newsletter, I reached out to them with a proposition. After some discussion we had reached an agreement with Gord and Brian to purchase their equipment inventory and start an eCommerce business. With their blessings and help, we will continue to create and share “The Lathest News” email newsletter. We will strive hard in keeping the newsletter focused on interesting and current topics and projects in the woodturning community. We hope that the woodturning community continues to enjoy and read the newsletters going forward.

We have plans to enhance and grow the current products and create new products that I hope will be useful to all woodturners. Being a woodturner and an engineer, I have created some tools in my shop out of necessity so now I am excited to have this opportunity to share these products with other woodturners.

Happy turning,