Elio-DR replaces original Elio and at a price reduction!

Set of three Elio-DR Drive centers

I have made the decision to sell only the Elio-DR – so that means all Elio drives being sold and shipped with be the Elio-DR which has the threaded insert installed.

These will be sold at the same price as the original Elio safe drive.

  • Elio-DR Safe Drive – 2″ sells for $40.00
  • Elio-DR Safe Drive – 2.5″ sells for $45.00
  • Elio-DR Safe Drive – 3.5″ sells for $50.00
  • set of three Elio-DR Safe Drive sells for $130.00
  • Drawbar kit (std 18″ length) sells for $20.00

Save 20% in the drawbar kit when purchased with any Elio-DR Safe drive.


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