How to Purchase Event tickets

This little tutorial is designed to help you be able to purchase a ticket to a demonstration on this site. The ticketed demonstrations are typically are for live online woodturning teaching demonstrations. The reason for this process is to ensure that you get the secured Zoom meeting information for the demonstration. It also allows me to send only the ticket holders, like you, the information relevant to the demo. This includes related documents, replay links and other related information. Once you buy a ticket, the My Account page will be a resources for all you orders including ticket purchases and other account information. Another great feature is that you can click the Watch button on the event page to launch the Zoom meeting. This is a great way to join without having to look for the email ticket.

So here are the steps.

Here is a view of an event page.

This shows that you need to login to the website before you are able to purchase.

Either login or register and login on the My Account page

Once logged in you will see the “Get Tickets” button.

Click on the plus sign to add a ticket to the quantity counter.

Now you have a ticket ready to purchase, just click “Get Tickets” button.

Once you click the “Get Tickets” button you will move to the Cart page. From here just checkout as normal. When your purchase is complete you will receive a ticket with the Zoom meeting details, via email.

Once you have completed the purchase of a ticket, you will have access to the “Watch” button on the event page. Clicking this button will launch the Zoom meeting.

Here is where you will find the replay of the demo. Note that you have to be logged into your account to see the replay.

I hope this helps in getting you full access to all the great features of ticketed events on this website. If yo have any questions please contact me.

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