Live Stream: Woodturning with Tod Raines

This area will show live streams when they are ‘live’. Any scheduled live stream will be posted here prior to going live. Typically, they will also be simulcast to my Facebook page and to my YouTube channel.

Face Grain Series

This set of live streams will be all about face grain turning, for the most part. Since the last series, Small Project Series, ended up being 90% side grain or spindle turning, I thought it would be nice to do a series on face grain turning. So here is the schedule.

  • Jan 22 – Face Grain Orientation Basics
  • Jan 29 – Face Grain Tools – the Bowl Gouge
  • Feb 5 – Simple Bowl
  • Feb12 – Thin Bowl
  • Feb 19 – Twice Turned Bowl
  • Feb 26 – Square Bowl
  • Mar 5 – Platter
  • Mar12 – Rim Decorated Bowl


Small Project Series Live Streams …

From Friday December 11th – Small Project Series – Snowman

From Friday December 4th – Small Project Series – Snowflake Bowl

From Friday November 27th – Small Project Series – Candle Stick

From Friday November 20th – Small Project Series – Pen Turning

From Friday November 13th – Small Project Series – Christmas Trees

From Friday November 6th – Small Project Series – Small Scoop

From Friday October 30th – Small Project Series – Handle Using Offset Jig

From Friday October 23rd – Small Project Series – Honey Dipper

Previous Series of Live Streams …

From Friday Sep 4th, 2020

Show topics
Tail-stock Quill Maintenance
open Q&A topics from viewers

From Friday Aug 27th, 2020

Show topics
• What grits should I go through for a utility piece versus a decorative piece?
• When should I sand by hand vs. using an inertia sander vs. power sanding?
• Should I periodically reverse the direction of the lathe when sanding?
open Q&A topics from viewers

From Friday Aug 21st, 2020

Show topics
classification and use
open Q&A topics from viewers

From Friday Aug 14th, 2020

Show topics
Spindle gouges
classification and use
open Q&A topics from viewers

From Friday Aug 7th, 2020

Show topics
Bowl gouges – sharpening and in use
face grain turning
open Q&A topics from viewers

From Friday July 31st, 2020

This live stream got interrupted and cancelled by an internet outage. I have removed the YT and FB posts for this live stream. The Aug. 7th live stream will be a repeat of the topics.

From Friday July 24th, 2020

Show topics
New Tools: Woodpecker Turning Tools
Bowl Gouge flute geometry
– discuss the V, U & parabolic flute shape
– discuss some strategies to sharpening wing shape

From Friday July 17th, 2020

Show topics
First tools to buy
Making cone center for drawbar
Drawbar use
Chuck jaw styles – (outside/inside) dovetail/dovetaildovetail/dovetail w/ bird’s beak dovetail w/ birds’ beak/profile (serrated moustache)

From Sunday June 14th, 2020

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From Monday May 25th, 2020

From Saturday May 23rd, 2020

From Wednesday April 22nd, 2020