Modular Woodturning Tool Handle – NEW PRODUCT!!

I am very excited to announce the introduction of the Modular Woodturning Tool Handle system by Tod Raines Tools.

The Modular Woodturning Tool Handle system is the most flexible tool handle on the market. Because of the interchangeable handle lengths and interchangeable adapters, the woodturner has a single handle system for all their needs. The woodturner gains endless possibilities to hold any tool with a choice of handle length. This leaves the woodturner without limit on comfort and control over the tools.

The nine (9) components of the Modular Woodturning Tool Handle system are made from solid 6061 Aluminum alloy keeping the parts lightweight but strong. The 8 Inch Foam Gripped Handle and the 4 Inch Foam Gripped Handle components thread to the mating Coupler and End Cap components using a standard 1″ x 8 tpi (threads per inch). A durable rubber washer between the threaded components ensures a secure and snug fit. The foam grip material is made of nitrile rubber which is resistant to oils and fuels along with its good abrasion resistance and high tensile strength, makes the foam grips comfortable and warm to hold. The End Cap and Coupler has a small hole that allow for use of a 5/32″ hex wrench to tighten or loosen the components.

Each Adapter is engraved with the socket size and is fitted with two 5/16″ x 24 tpi set screws to secure the woodturning tool (chisel).

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The KEY FEATURES of the Modular Woodturning Tool Handle

modular handle system versatile, adaptable handle for all woodturning tools
interchangeable handle lengths flexible handle size from 4″ to 32″ allows for control 
interchangeable adapters adapts to turning chisels of 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″ in diameter 
double or single ended handleversatile and quick changes to tool setup
foam grip comfortable in the hand for extended use 
made of 6061 aluminum durable but lightweight 
made in the USA controlled quality and support local small businesses
A exploded view of a single ended 12 Inch Modular Woodturning Tool Handle

Buy the Modular Woodturning Tool Handle components individually or as part of a kit. When you purchase a kit then you get a 5/32″ hex wrench for free.

When purchased with the kits, adapters will be discounted by 10% off.

Model of a double ended 20 Inch Modular Woodturning Tool Handle kit changing to two handles

The Modular Woodturning Tool Handle System from Tod Raines Tools give the woodturner an advantage in control, adaptability, versatility and comfort.

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