Jimmy Clewes Tools in stock and ready to ship!

We are very happy to announce that Woodturning Tool Store is now carrying an extensive line of Jimmy Clewes tools. An exceptional turner and even better teacher and demonstrator, Jimmy Clewes knows how turning tools work and has designed some extremely versatile, user friendly tools. The Mate series of tools use a flat bar and captured carbide cup cutter set at a precise angle and protrusion to allow for great control and safe use

  • Mini Mate #1
  • Mate #1
  • Mate #1 Undercutter
  • Mate #2
  • Mate #2 Undercutter

Both Mate #1 and Mate #2 will cut wet wood, dry wood, long grain or end grain with ease. The cutter is positioned so that the cut is limited to the depth that the cutter is protruding from the main tool shank. This greatly reduces the chance of those huge catches that can be experienced with “self-feeding” scrapers. The learning curve of my tools is really quite small.

To round out the line of Jimmy Clewes tools we also carry

  • Both 1/2″ and 3/8″ tool shank adapters (bushings)
  • Both the 1/2″ and 5/8″ cam-action Quick Release handle inserts
  • The Woodturners Sharpening Kit

Watch this video to get a bit of an overview of the Mate tools and the adapters and Quick Release handle inserts.


Now carrying Carter and Son Toolworks woodturning tools!!

We are pleased to announce that we now carry and stock Carter and Son Toolworks woodturning tools.

Our tagline is “Woodturning Tool Store is dedicated to providing quality tools and equipment to the wood turning community.” and the Caster and Son brand is all about quality so their products were a natural fit with our brand and our belief. Carter and Son has integrated 40 years of manufacturing experience and a passion for woodturning to serve you with the best tools. Every tool is made in their Seattle factory from American materials. They uphold the highest standards of workmanship – every Carter and Son tool you own is guaranteed for life.

At Woodturning Tool Store we carry the complete line of the tools including bowl gouges, spindle gouges, skews, scrapers, parting tools, bedan, handles and handle adapters.

Our goal is to provide you a selection of unique quality products and also ensure that the service and support we provide makes your experience with us pleasant and hassle free. We are glad to be a part of your woodturning journey.

Watch this video to see an overview of the product line we carry.



Drawbar sizing instructions

Each model of lathe will have a different spindle length and therefore the drawbar’s length will have to be customized. Do not leave any more than 1 inch of bare threaded rod exposed beyond the locking wing knobs on the handle side (left side of headstock) of the spindle.

The drawbar kit comes with an 18” long threaded rod, ~15” long tubing, two wing knobs and a wooden centering cone. The threaded rod and the tubing will need to be cut to length to match your spindle length. Follow these steps.

  1. Remove the tubing from the assembly.
  2. Install the bare threaded rod through the headstock of your lathe and install an Elio-DR in the lathe spindle morse taper. Mate the threaded rod and the Elio-DR within the headstock ensuring to get about 5 turns.
  3. Move the center cone up against the spindle handle and turn the wing knobs to lock the Elio-DR in place.
  4. On the exposed threaded rod on the left side of the spindle, mark the threaded rod using a marker or tape anywhere from ¼” – 1” to the left of the wing knobs.
  5. Remove the drawbar and cut the threaded rod using a hacksaw or motorized cutoff wheel.
  6. Use a file or grinder to smooth the cut end of the threaded rod.
  7. With the wing knobs and center cone in place when the measuring was done (Step 3), replace the plastic tubing and mark it and cut it (utility knife, scissors or snips) in a place that leaves about 1” exposed where it engages the Elio-DR.

Photos below show an example drawbar








Watch this video for an overview of the process.

Download the sizing instructions here.

Download “Drawbar-Sizing-Instructions.pdf” Drawbar-Sizing-Instructions.pdf – Downloaded 20 times – 578 KB

Elio-DR replaces original Elio and at a price reduction!

I have made the decision to sell only the Elio-DR – so that means all Elio drives being sold and shipped with be the Elio-DR which has the threaded insert installed.

These will be sold at the same price as the original Elio safe drive.

  • Elio-DR Safe Drive – 2″ sells for $40.00
  • Elio-DR Safe Drive – 2.5″ sells for $45.00
  • Elio-DR Safe Drive – 3.5″ sells for $50.00
  • set of three Elio-DR Safe Drive sells for $130.00
  • Drawbar kit (std 18″ length) sells for $20.00

Save 20% in the drawbar kit when purchased with any Elio-DR Safe drive.


Introducing the Elio-DR

New Product – Introducing the Elio-DR, a drawbar ready version of the original!

The use of the drawbar with the Elio-DR Safe Drive allows for safer operation as a faceplate without tailstock support.

All three standard Elio Safe Drives have been upgraded for the use of a drawbar. Standard 1/4”-20 threads have been added with a threaded insert machined out of solid steel for strength and durability.

Shop for Elio-DR, Drawbar Ready Safe Drives.

Here is a YouTube video explanation of the Elio-DR and the Drawbar Kit

Thanks for the patronage and encouragement

Just a quick note to say ‘thank you’ to all of my customers who have purchased products. The first half dozen customers where very gracious with their help while I diagnosed and fixed some issues with auto-generated emails. Thanks again for your help.

Also a big ‘thank you’ to all those that have sent emails or comments showing their support and appreciation. I have received numerous comments thanking me for keeping the newsletters going. I hope that the newsletters I create and send out will be entertaining and fun to read. I hope they are also somewhat useful or can help inspire others in their woodturning journey.

I also received many ‘thanks’ for keeping the Elio drive product available along with the promise of new products (read other post for product announcement).

Here is an excerpt from one comment I received from Chester, “Once again, best wishes to you and your wife in your new business venture and thank you again for continuing on the tradition and expanded on what Gord and Brian started. Can’t wait for your first newsletter to arrive.

It is great to hear and I am very appreciative for the support. It reassures me that I am on the right path.

A YouTube introduction

Way before this business venture started I had created several videos of woodturning tip, techniques and projects. However, I didn’t have the skills to edit it very well and I never mustered the courage to post them to YouTube.

That is changing. I am proud to show you the following first video – the first of many. My plan is to create video content that relates and accompanies to the email newsletter “The ‘Lathest’ News”.

This first short video introduces myself and Woodturning Tool Store.

The inventory arrived! We are now in business!!

The inventory arrived in Texas after a couple of days delay in Memphis due to CBP (Customs and Border Protection) paperwork issues. We got it all cleared with no problems. Unfortunately it sat at the Memphis airport for an extra two days. I was stressing out a little bit but it arrived on Friday afternoon.

It was well packed and labeled on two pallets. Thanks to Gord and Brian and their shipper Lance for all the effort to get this product to us in Texas in one piece.

It took my wife Shelly and I about two hours to break it down and load it into the storage area (aka WTS Warehouse). We then took another hour and a half to inspect and count everything. No issues there as everything was good to go. The photo below shows about 2/3 of the stock on the shelves. The rest is stored in the room next door as overstock.

I spent most of Saturday morning preparing the website to go live. I entered all the dimensions for all the products and also the stock quantities. I had to disable all the ‘test beds’ and ‘sandboxes’ and then enable all the shipping and payment gateways for live traffic. Lastly, I updated the webpages to indicate we are open.

We are very excited to be in this business. So far the experience of starting this venture has been the best job of my life. I look forward to the next few weeks, months and years and growing this business. We hope you, the woodturning community, come back and visit often.

Online shopping coming soon!!

If you wish to order please call 214-924-3748 (US number) and let us know what you wish to order.

Or you can fill in the Contact form and let us know that way.

We will be fulfilling orders when we receive the inventory which should be by mid-April 2017.

Thank you for your patience.