Personal Remote Demonstrations

This is the source for live remote demonstrations produced by Woodturning Tool Store and Tod Raines. Below you will find the next and past live interactive remote demonstrations on various woodturning related topics. There are also woodturning video available to rent. Some content may be restricted to ticket holders.

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Enjoy the replay of past Personal Remote Demonstrations right here in high definition (1080p) with the complete audio from the original show including all participants audio (some editing has been done for clarity).

Videos for Rent

Fantastic Kitchen Utensils: Spatula and Spoon

This woodturning demonstration shows how I make a spatula and spoon. However, not just an ordinary spatula or spoon but these kitchen utensils add a fantastic feature that lets them reside on the side of a pot or pan waiting for you to use. No more dripping sauce on your cooktop or counter – keep the sauce in the pot or pan! The other feature of the spatula is the curved, slanted and thin edge. This creates a natural position for your hand to move the food around any pot or pan. Check out our turning tools and our modular woodturning handle system for this project.

Rent for 30 days – $10.00

Turn a Bowl in a Bowl

The concept of turning a bowl within a bowl is both new and old hat for most woodturners. This project will stretch your abilities just a bit to make a functional but also fanciful design. Set the finished piece on your desk or take it to show and tell at your club meeting and you will have other woodturners, of all skill levels, ask – how did you do that? You will need bowl gouges, scrapers and perhaps a parting tool. You will also need a four-jaw scroll chuck with #2 or larger jaws along with Cole jaws. This project utilizes a cup shaped jam chuck for the offset turning. A set of outside calipers will be very handy for this project.

Rent for 30 days – $10.00

ATEM Mini Video Switcher

ATEM Mini Video Switcher – for live woodturning demonstrations (in person or remote). A three part series

1) Easy Live Video Presentations – Basic Setup of the ATEM Mini Video Switcher
2) Q&A Follow-Up: Easy Live Video Presentations – Basic Setup of the ATEM Mini Video Switcher
3) ATEM Mini Video Switcher: Advanced Tutorial

Rent for 30 days – all three for $25.00 or individually for $10.00 each

Ticketed Replays

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ATEM Mini Video Switcher: Advanced Tutorial – April 10th, 2021 – replay below for ticket and account holders.