Carter and Son 3/8″ Spindle Gouge – unhandled


Carter and Son Toolworks 3/8″ Spindle Gouge

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Carter and Son Toolworks 3/8″ Spindle Gouge

What makes a 5-star 3/8” spindle gouge?

  • Less time at the grinder, cleaner cuts at the lathe. M42 means superior wear resistance and edge sharpness.
  • Put comfort and control first with aluminum handles.
  • Interchangeability, without compromising strength and tolerances.
  • Hand polished, sharpened and inspected.
  • 100% American materials and manufacturing. Backed by a lifetime guarantee and hassle-free returns.

M42 high speed steel makes the cut

It’s no wonder M42 is favored across industries. A distinct cobalt additive bumps M42’s red hardness off the charts, ensuring impressive wear resistance. And M42’s tight molecular structure produces a finer, sharper edge.

For woodturners M42’s properties mean less time at the grinder and cleaner cuts at the lathe. Carter and Son was founded because we realized many tools are machined from subpar steel, leaving us (and you!) make far too many trips to the grinder. M42 is the optimal steel for turning wood. It holds a long-lasting razor edge and is quickly sharpened on a conventional grinder.

Gouge Specifications:

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Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions9 × .375 × 0.375 in

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