5/8″ Quick Release handle insert by Jimmy Clewes


5/8″ Quick Release handle insert

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An extremely quick, convenient and effective way of changing woodturning tool blades. A quick twist of the wrist and the tool can be removed and replaced in seconds, no fiddly grub screws or “bits” which can be lost in the shavings. The other advantage of these units is that you are able to make the handles yourself out of most any wood, to your preferred shape and size and length. Then just replace blades in the future!.

These units are designed by Jimmy Clewes and made by Doug Thompson from high grade aluminium and are anodized in different colors for instant recognition of sizes.

This 5/8″ size accepts most all 5/8″ round shank tools.

Use the Jimmy Clewes 1/2″ tool adapter or the 3/8″ tool adapter combined with Jimmy Clewes 5/8″ Quick Release units so you can use one handle for as many tools (3/8″, 1/2″ and 5/8″) so you become more efficient at the lathe. This is also a great solution to allow more portability in your tools if you travel to club meetings, classes, demonstrations and other woodturning workshops.

See Jimmy Clewes Woodturning Tool Handle System video  …


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Weight 0.188 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1.36 × 1.36 in

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