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A convenient tool for any woodturner.

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3-in-1 Bandsaw Companion – Blade Alignment – Hook Rule – Compass

Bandsaw drift occurs when the fence and miter slot are not parallel with the blade.  The Bandsaw Companion tool answers how to get the blade, miter slot, and fence parallel to each other to eliminate drift.  Making a cut parallel to the blade keeps the blade from tending to torque to the side, resulting in tight and smooth saw kerfs.

The Bandsaw Companion tool from iGaging has two rare earth magnets on one side, which attach it firmly to the blade, best on 1/2″ and wider blades.  There is an indent next to the magnets for the blade set.  The tool’s extended length makes it easy to visualize the blade alignment with the fence and the miter slot.  This visibility then allows alignment of the fence and miter slot with the blade, and the built-in rule also makes it easy to set the fence an exact distance from the blade for saw cuts.

With holes spaced every half-inch, you can also use the tool as a compass to draw circles up to a 23″ diameter for bowl blanks.  And with the included sliding stop, the device can draw cut lines parallel to an edge.

  • Length: 12″/300 mm
  • Two rare earth magnets attach firmly to the blade
  • Indent next to the magnets for the blade set
  • 1/16″ and 1/32″ and 1 mm increments on front side
  • Ruler end has 1/16″/1 mm markings for use as a height gauge
  • Drilled holes in 1/2″ increments on back side to use as a compass
  • Includes sliding stop, that allows for drawing cut lines parallel to an edge
  • Aluminum base with blue anodized finish
  • Laser engraving on both sides
  • Can attach directly to your saw for storage and easy access

Download the Bandsaw Companion instruction sheet: Bandsaw Companion Instructions (483 downloads )


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