Bowlsaver Max4 Coring System


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Designed to core bowls up to 18 inches. Make bowls not shavings.

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Bowlsaver MAX4 Light Guide

The Bowlsaver MAX4 Light Guide is a must have accessory for the Bowlsaver Coring System. It shows you the way ...

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Bowlsaver Max4 Coring system is safe, solid and simple to use.

Designed, tested and proven over last 30 years in sheds all around the world. No compromises made.

Three uniquely designed knives or blades use to core from 3″ (75 mm) to 18″ (450 mm). The cutters on the knives will outlast any other coring cutter and they are easy to hone/sharpen. A robust platform that can take the intense pressure of coring that is precisely machined to make the work easy. Added support, and unique to the Bowlsaver Max4 is the tailstock support with the #2MT adapter. The included handle give you the leverage to operate the Bowlsaver Max4 with out breaking a sweat or a shoulder.

Bowlsaver Max4 User Manual (832 downloads )

Read on for all the fine details.


  • Three zinc plated knives supplied that support a cut size from 75mm (3″) to 450mm (18″) diameter. Each knife is shaped to a radius and is supplied with a precision sharpened Stellite cutter.
  • The large knife uniquely features a concave shape that provides solid support for the knife without the need of an additional tool rest for the knife that can be complex to operate, especially with natural edged bowls, therefore making bowl coring simple for the turner.
  • Knifes are manufactured from high performance steel that is proven to retain shape and therefore ensure a lifetime of efficient bowl coring.


  • While bowl coring the cutter will probably need to withstand shocks caused by knots and nails. To minimize sanding the turner will also want to produce an excellent finish off the tool. Given the range of cutter options available including Carbide, Woodcut Tools researched what cutters are in use in sawmill operations. Woodcut Tools established that Stellite is proven to deliver an excellent wood finish and experience a long operational life with great wear resistance and uniquely produces large, thick wood shavings.
  • The Stellite cutter supplied with the Woodcut Bowlsaver Max 4 is supplied sharpened and features a straight front edge that enables the cutter to be simply sharpened with a diamond hone. A negative rake can be created on the top front edge of the cutter for cutting hard wood.
  • To prevent wood material from sticking to the cutter as it cuts and therefore reduce friction, the Stellite cutter can be sharpened with a hollow grind.


  • Bowl coring will apply pressure to the platform, especially if the wood is hard and dense. The Woodcut Bowlsaver Max 4 is therefore made from precision machined cast aluminum and steel that is anodized to last and support turners to successfully core bowls small or large, wet or dry.
  • When coring large bowls the knife experiences immense downward pressure, to prevent the knife from twisting the top of the large knife is supported by a machined steel post and the bottom of the lower knife is supported by a bearing.

Tail stock

  • Machined No 2 Morse Taper is supplied to enable integration of the Bowlsaver Max 4 product with the lathe tail stock and therefore ensures a stable bowl coring platform.
  • 3/8- 16” threaded rod supplied to provide integrated support and stability from the No 2 Morse Taper to the Lathe tail stock.


  • Supplied with a 20” long handle that features double skin steel and 8 ½” long foam grip to support the turner.
  • The 20” long handle uniquely features a spigot that supports an additional handle for further handle length and leverage if needed.


  • A simple adjustment of the tail stock slide on the platform will support the turner to core the shape of the bowl they require.


  • Detailed user guide including planning templates to support the turner to successfully core a nest of bowls straight away. Online user guide video available.

Dimensions (approximate)

  • Base platform footprint: 9 ¾” long (measured from front edge of base plate to tail stock assembly and excluding 20” long handle) x 8 ¼” wide
  • Weight: 8kg/ 17 ½” pounds
  • Height: 150mm from Shaft collar to top of rotation post

Operating requirements

  • Minimum 1.5 hp lathe with flat bed.
  • Swing of 16” to 25”.
  • We will assist you to select the tool post size to enable the Bowlsaver Max 4 to mount with your lathe.  Give us a call or email us for information.

Basic equipment included

  • 3 x high strength steel zinc plated knifes with pre- sharpened Stellite cutters
  • 20” long handle
  • Platform
  • No 2 Morse Taper
  • Detailed user guide including planning templates
  • 3/8- 16” Threaded rod
  • Kit bag of all Hex keys required to fasten
  • A tool post is required to fit the product to your lathe.
Bowlsaver Max 4 product specification (800 downloads )

Accessories available:

  • Bowlsaver Max4 Light Guide– Easy to use taking the guesswork out of setting up to core a bowl. Save time and simply attach the Light Guide to your Bowlsaver, line up the light with the knife tip and discover the path. The light guide traces the path of the cutter across the outside of the bowl allowing you to ensure you get the perfect cut. Quickly and easily adjust the knife to get your desired coring.
  • Replacement Stellite cutters– fitting guidelines supplied.


Some History …

In the 1980’s bowl coring was growing in popularity as turners wanted to save wood and create multiple bowls from a blank. Several bowl coring product options already existed, but Woodcut Tools founder Ken Port felt there was still a need for a better bowl coring product that would be simple to use, safe and overall made better. Ken experimented with a range of bowl coring product designs, shared with fellow turners to test, and provide feedback. After a lengthy and almost five-year process of trial and error Ken finalized a design that he developed with fellow NZ turner and designer Errol Udy, the Woodcut Bowlsaver was launched in 1995.
Recognizing the growing need for turners to core larger bowls Woodcut Tools designed and developed the Max 3 product. Woodcut Tools objective is always to offer the best possible product, with customer feedback on the Max 3 the Woodcut Tools team with Ken Port and an international team of turners designed, tested and developed over many years the Max 4.

Additional information

Weight25.1 lbs
Dimensions25 × 16 × 7 in
Max4 Tool Post size

1 Inch, 25 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm