Chuck Adapter for Live center


The accessory provides for mounting a chuck or faceplate onto the live center.

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Robust Precision Live Center

Made in the USA.  The cup center is threaded 3/4‐10 for standard accessories.  A 5/16” center pin in a thru hole, which can accommodate drilling, can be extended or reversed. The #2 Morse Taper shank is tapped 3/8-16 for draw bar applications.


The Chuck Adapter for Live Center is a solid thread adapter for mounting a chuck or faceplate onto the live center. With internal threads of 3/4″ x 10 and external threads of 1 1/4″ x 8, it transforms the Precision Live Center into another work holding point.

The ability to mount a chuck on the live center give the turn options when mating two piece turnings. Think of hollowing a sphere and mating the two halves using this method. This adapter also allows for precision reverse mounting from one chuck/faceplate to another. The knurled grip allows for ease of mounting and unmounting to your live center.

Additional information

Weight0.35 lbs
Dimensions2.5 × 2.5 × 2 in

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