DMT Slydr-Sharp (Fine)


DMT Slydr-Sharp (Fine) – a handy pocket sized package with two hones in one.

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Portable, hand-held sharpener to address straight and curved edges in one!  Comfortable handle with easy slide release to access sharpeners stored in convenient enclosure.

Great for the woodturner to carry in a pocket. Use the flat to hone the bevel of a gouge, scraper or skew. Use the cone for honing the inside of gouge flutes or the inside of a hook or ring tool.

Some other edges this model can address: Scissors, Poultry Shears, Paring Knife, Utility Knife, Router Bit, Sport Knife, Floral Knife, Pruner, Lopper, Hatchet, Ax, Spade, Shovel

Product size:  5 ½” x 1 ½” x 13/16”

Sharpeners:  Single Sided 4 1/3” x 3/16` x 7/8” Serrated: 4 7/16” x taper from ¼” to 1/16”

Abrasive: Fine – for restoring an edge; best choice for woodturners honing an edge between grinder sharpening

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Dimensions9.5 × 3.625 × 1.125 in