Elio-DR Safe Drive, 3.5″


Elio-DR Safe Drive, Drawbar Ready, Steel, Black Zinc Plated, 3.5 inch, #2MT

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The Elio-DR, a drawbar ready version of the original!

The adaptability in the adjustment of all three spurs and the conversion to a face-plate, make this the most versatile, safe and user-friendly drive center on the market today. Especially true for the Elio-DR with a drawbar.

The use of the drawbar with the Elio-DR Safe Drive allows for safer operation as a faceplate without tailstock support. Use our drawbar or make your own.

See this post for details about the Elio-DR: https://woodturningtoolstore.com/introducing-the-elio-dr/

A high quality, all steel versatile drive center with a #2MT (Morse taper), finished in black zinc plating to resist moisture, especially when turning wet green wood. This drive center has three adjustable pins. The center pin is adjustable and can protrude about 1″ from the face. The two spur pins on either side of the center pin are fully adjustable socket head screws that can protrude up to 1″ from the face of the drive center. The adjustable machine screws make this ideal for use on logs and large spindles and bowl grain orientation – especially natural edge work where the driven face is uneven.

There are also three other holes in the round plate and using three #10 or #12 wood screws to fasten onto your work piece so as to make this truly into a face-plate. Of course, this option would facilitate removing the machine screws and retracting the central pin, although this is a good locator point when you are finding the center of the work. Using the Elio-DR drive requires that the tail stock with a live center to be used, however, when using the Elio-DR with a drawbar the tailstock can safely be removed out of the way while turning.

Now available in three sizes and can be purchased individually or as a handy set of three. The 2” drive is great for small pieces and ideal for spindle work, the 2.5” is a good all-purpose size, and the 3.5” is a must for larger size logs and natural edge or regular edge bowls. A ‘must have’ item in any turner’s toolkit.

Safety notice: Woodturning can be dangerous. At all times, you are responsible for your own safety, that of your workshop and other people in it. Ensure you secure your work to the workholding device in a safe manner. Ensure the work is not oversized (weight and dimensions) for your workholding device, lathe and skill level. Ensure you wear suitable personal safety equipment at all times.

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