Half Round Tool Bar & Large Teardrop Cutter Bundle


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Half Round Bar by Tod Raines Tools

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T1 HSS Teardrop Cutter Blade, large size

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In stock


Bundled product – Get the products below as a package.

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  1. The T1 HSS Teardrop Cutters  is 17% Tungsten Steel and withstands high impact and has a high wear resistance. It is why it is the primary material used in industrial planer blades. The T1 HSS cutters can be used for scraping, shear scraping, hollowing, smoothing on inside or outside of any turning. Use the cutter on captive boring bar systems and hand held tools with a screw.  This ‘regular’ size cutter is 1-3/4″ x 3/4″ x 1/8″.
  2. The Half Round Tool Bar by Tod Raines Tools is designed to hold the T1 HSS Teardrop cutters. The bar is 3/4″ round and 12 ” long. The shank has been milled to 5/8″ to fit in any standard 5/8″ handle. The entire bar is coated with Nickel for wear resistance and corrosion protection to ensure a long, beautiful life. The included #10-32 washer cap screw is used for securing the teardrop cutter. Orient the teardrop cutter to cut with the round side of the bar to enable easy maneuverability for any scrape or shear cutting action. Orient the teardrop cutter to cut with the flat side of the bar to give some torque resistance for high volume removal of stock of any vessel from side and face grain bowl, goblets, cups, platters, vases or any hollow form.

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