Hook Tool by Michael Hosaluk


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Check out the Hook Tool Bar by TOD RAINES TOOLS – a great companion product.

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This Hook Tool by Michael Hosaluk is designed to make end grain hollowing quick and efficient. It leaves a very smooth surface which eliminates a lot of sanding time. The tool comes pre-shaped and sharpened and is just under 3″ long with a shank diameter to fit into a 5/16″ opening which requires mounting in a a tool bar to hold it in use.

Check out the Hook Tool Bar by TOD RAINES TOOLS.

Use the 1/4″ Half Round Diamond Hone to sharpen the hook tool.

Watch this YouTube video where I describe and use the Hook Tool in greater detail.

Here are few still shots from the video…

Additional information

Weight 0.023 lbs
Dimensions 2.7 x .5 x .375 in


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