Hook Tool by Michael Hosaluk


This is designed for end grain hollowing only
Check out the Hook Tool Bar by TOD RAINES TOOLS – a great companion product.

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This Hook Tool by Michael Hosaluk is designed to make end grain hollowing quick and efficient.

For end grain only – do not use on face grain turnings. If you are new to the use of an end grain hook tool please watch the tutorial video below. Practice with a knot free straight end grain piece of common domestic hardwood like maple, ash, cherry, etc. Do not use on super hard woods like lignum vitae, ironwood, Texas ebony, etc., until you are experienced with the hook tool.

In a bevel rubbing cut, it leaves a very smooth surface which eliminates a lot of sanding time. The hook tool comes pre-shaped and sharpened and is just under 3″ long with a shank length of about 1″ and a shank diameter of 7 mm.  Make your own tool bar or use the Hook Tool Bar by Tod Raines Tools which has a opening of 5/16″ to hold the Hook Tool (and other cutter tips that may fit)

Check out the Hook Tool Bar by TOD RAINES TOOLS.

Use the 1/4″ Half Round Diamond Hone to sharpen the hook tool.

To get all three parts order the Hook Tool Bundle.

Watch this YouTube video where I describe and use the Hook Tool in greater detail.

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Here are few still shots from the video…

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Weight0.023 lbs
Dimensions2.7 × .5 × .375 in

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