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The Irons Shear Scraper, designed by Phil Irons, delivers an excellent finish for external shapes of bowls and hollow forms.

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The Woodcut Tools Irons Shear Scraper is designed to deliver an excellent finish for external shapes of bowls and hollow forms. Think of it like a cabinetmaker’s scraper for turners.
It is used to refine shapes, remove any high spots and torn grain as often happens with side grain of bowls, create smooth curves and flowing lines, open the wood fibers which is ideal preparation for dye and stains and better than a bevel finish. Unlike flat topped carbide cutters which can cause tear out, the Woodcut Tools irons shear Scraper cutter cleanly slices the soft fibers off the vessel. The benefit of the shear cutter is a uniform surface straight from the tool that makes sanding easier. The shear scraper can be used in any cutting direction, left or right, regardless of grain direction.

  • EASY TO USE, FOR REFINING & SMOOTHING OUTSIDE OF HOLLOW FORM VESSELS & BOWLS – Substantially reduces the amount of sanding of burl, end and side grain projects. Removing any high spots and torn grain, create smooth curves and flowing lines, opening the wood fibres. Think of it like a cabinet maker’s scraper for turners.
  • IDEAL PREPARATION FOR DYE AND STAIN – because the cutter opens the wood fibres, dye and stains can be accepted easily and better than a bevel finish, or flat-topped carbide cutter which can also cause tear out.
  • SIMPLE TO SHARPEN – Simply use a diamond file, such as the Woodcut Tools Credit Card Diamond Hone, available on Amazon. Simply rotate the triple tempered M2 high speed steel (HSS)cutter for a fresh cutting edge.
  • USER GUIDES & VIDEOS SUPPLIED – A user guide booklet is included with your Irons Shear Scraping product. User guide and demonstration videos available on Woodcut Tools You Tube channel.

The Irons Shear Scraper is the outcome of a collaboration between Woodcut Tools and professional wood turner Phil Irons. The triangular cutter offers three sharp edges, as one side becomes dull simply rotate to a fresh edge. The cutter is quite substantial at 40 mm wide and 4 mm thick, produced from heat treated M2 high speed steel. The gently curved profile of the cutter’s edges greatly minimize vibration as it cuts. Mounted on a 11 1/2″ long steel shank, 5/8” round. Most turners will hold the Irons Shear Scraper by the shank.

Sharpening is easy, using a diamond file or diamond hone. Alternatively, mount the cutter on the Woodcut Tools Stem Sharpener and use a CBN wheel on a bench grinder (please note, a white wheel grinder is not suitable).

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