Jimmy Clewes Mate #1 Undercutter Bundle


Bundled product – Get the Mate tool and an extra cutter

Jimmy Clewes Mate #1 Undercutter Hollowing Tool

Features and Benefits

  • Cranked neck style tool allows access to undercut rims
  • Partially rounded tool shank for easy mounting in Quick Release handle inserts
  • No Grinding of the tool
  • No Lapping of the tool
  • Each new cutter is sharpened and ready for use
  • Cutter life far greater than HSS (25 to 30 times)
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Aluminum oxide coating on bar to prevent rust
  • New cutters, torque screws and wrenches readily available and reasonably priced

In stock (can be backordered)

#1 Carbide Cup Cutter for Jimmy Clewes Mate Tool

Replacement Cutter for Jimmy Clewes Mate #1 tools

In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)


Bundled product – Get the products below as a package.

This is a great bundle so you have a replacement cutter on hand.

  1. The Jimmy Clewes Mate #1 Undercutter Hollowing Tool is an addition to the Mate line of tools and is an extremely versatile, user friendly hollowing cutting tool, but this tool allows for getting around the corner and undercutting rims of bowls and hollow forms. The Mate tool shank is partially rounded to allow for use in the Jimmy Clewes Quick Release handle inserts. The Mate #1 Undercutter has a small 6 mm cup cutter (micro crystalline carbide cutters sharpened with diamonds). This cutter is set in a machined pocket at approximately 22 degrees, this allows for a more user-friendly, less aggressive cut which is great for confidence building. The cutter is set just below the surface of the tool, which helps protect the cutter from inadvertent and very irritating chips.
  2. The #1 Carbide Cup Cutter for Jimmy Clewes Mate Tool is a 6 mm diameter cup cutter made from micro crystalline carbide which is sharpened with diamonds. This is a replacement cutter for the Jimmy Clewes Mate #1 and Mini Mate tools.

Additional information

Weight0.555 lbs
Dimensions8.75 × 0.625 × 0.375 in

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