Lyle Jamieson Master Hollowing System



  • a carbide cutter assembly
  • 3/4 inch Dual Purpose Boring Bar with 3 Reach Capabilities
  • Straight and Bent Swivel Assemblies
  • Backrest designed to fit any lathe
  • Laser Measuring System
  • DVD In-Depth Hollowing Techniques-The Easy Way (optional)

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The Lyle Jamieson Master Hollowing System for safer, in-control hollowing that is fun, too.

This item will ship from Traverse City Michigan direct from Lyle Jamieson.

The Lyle Jamieson Master Hollowing System system consist of:

  • A carbide cutter assembly – fits into either swivel head assembly
  • A 3/4″ diameter 17″ long dual purpose boring bar
  • A straight swivel cutter head assembly
  • A bent swivel cutter hear assembly
  • A “D” shaped handle
  • A lathe mounted secondary backrest
  • A laser light measuring system


You get two big advantages with the Jamieson Carbide Cutter. The first advantage, never sharpen again. Just twist the cutter to another razor sharp area until it wears out and put a replacement cutter on the swivel assembly. There is no grinding or sharpening this tool. Tool life is 25-30 times, even up to 100 times your expectations with quality HSS. The second advantage is the slicing, angled cut that leaves a much preferred surface behind than the original scraping cutter.  It produces a finished surface that needs less sanding and less end grain fiber tear out.

You get the advantage of clean slicing cuts with the Jamieson Carbide Cutter tool supported in the Jamieson Hollowing System. This is the best of both worlds; you get both ease and efficiency. The Carbide Cutter Assembly comes with the 3/16 inch machined shaft, high tech nanograin Jamieson/Hunter Carbide Cutter, torex screw, torex wrench and a protective cap.

This system simplifies the hollowing process. A turner can stand beside the lathe and gently guide the cutter into the vessel with fingertip control. No more white knuckling it when you get 8 to 10 inches dangling off the tool rest to do the bottom inside of a vessel. No more sitting on top of your lathe. No more fear of catches. This system takes both the mental and physical stresses out of hollow form turning. It’s all about the fun! It adds an element of total control not achieved with other tools. It greatly improves safety and prevents catches.  The system removes any twisting force common to bent tools not supported in this manner. The fingertip control allows thinner forms and smooth inside surfaces even when doing a piece with voids.


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