Robust 5/8″ Detail Spindle Gouge – with handle


The Robust 5/8″ Detail Spindle gouge with 16″ handle is made with Nitrided M2 HSS and has a polished parabolic flute and a flat milled shaft.

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The Robust 5/8″ Detail Spindle Gouge is made from Hardened and Nitrided M2 tool steel and features a shallow radius flute equal to the diameter of the gouge making it a strong gouge. It comes with a 16″ hard maple handle and a stainless steel ferrule.  It is shipped sharp and ground with a 45 degree bevel.

Robust woodturning tools are manufactured by Robust from premium HSS (high speed steel) that has been treated with our proprietary Nitriding process. Nitriding is not a coating or plating, but a diffusion wherein extra carbon and nitrogen are added to the base metal. This zone is up to .002″ deep. The result: significantly improved edge holding and reduced sharpening. Learn more about the Nitriding process used by Robust tools here.

Flat Milled Gouges: All Robust gouges are flat milled on the top and you can use your sharpening jig all the way down to the end.

Gouge Specifications:

  • Blade measures: 0.632″ dia. x 11.5″ overall, flute measures: 7″
  • Handle length: 16″, overall length: 25.5″
  • shallow radius flute, pre-ground to standard 45 degree spindle gouge profile

Additional information

Weight1.71 lbs
Dimensions30.5 × 3.25 × 3.25 in

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