Robust Tru-Arc


Robust Tru-Arc is a captive turning system designed to simplify turning perfect radiused curves on shallow bowls and platters.

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Crafting Perfect Interiors with Robust Tru-Arc

Woodturning enthusiasts understand the satisfaction of achieving a flawless inside cut on turned pieces. The presence of irregularities can significantly impact the final aesthetic of a project. Robust Tru-Arc system addresses this challenge by guiding your turning tool in a precise arc or radius, ensuring a clean and consistent inside line that’s nearly impossible to achieve manually.

Understanding the System

The Robust Tru-Arc system is available as a kit and is compatible with lathes featuring at least a #2 Morse taper in the tailstock. Let’s explore the components of the Robust Tru-Arc system:

  • Tailstock Pivot: This component serves as the pivot point for the entire mechanism and is designed to fit into the tailstock.
  • Extensions: Available in various lengths (4″, 8″, 12″), these extensions attach to the tailstock pivot, providing flexibility for different project dimensions.
  • Telescoping Pilot Holder and Non-Telescoping Collar Holder: These holders accommodate the turning tool and offer adjustability to achieve the desired cutting radius.
  • Collets: The kit includes collets ranging from 1/4″ to 5/8″, allowing you to securely hold various tool sizes.
  • Round Nose Scraper: This tool is specifically designed for use with the Tru-Arc system.

To learn more about the Robust Tru-Arc system, watch this video:

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