T1 HSS DovetailSquare Cutter Blade


T1 HSS DovetailSquare Cutter, 17% Tungsten, 1-3/4″ long


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Half Round Bar by Tod Raines Tools

Now shipping!! This is a great companion to the T1 HSS Teardrop Cutters


The T1 HSS DovetailSquare Cutter gets its name from the dual use – to cut recessed dovetails and to cut square recesses. But use it to cut tenons, as a shear scraper and any number of tasks. Profile a curve on the long edge. Or shape how you want it.

Use this with the Half Round Bar by Tod Raines Tools or with any other tool bar you have or make.

These T1 HSS DovetailSquare Cutters are 17% Tungsten Steel. T1 HSS is the best tool steel for high impact and high wear resistant. It is why it is the primary material used in industrial planer blades.

The large cutter size is: 1-3/4″ x 3/4″ x 1/8″

Additional information

Weight0.040 lbs
Dimensions2 × .75 × .125 in

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