Ultra-Shear Carbide Insert Woodturning Tools – now available

I am super excited to announce that we have added Woodpecker Ultra-Shear Carbide Insert Woodturning tools to our line-up. I have owned several Woodpecker woodworking tools for several years and have always been impressed with their quality materials, engineering and build. These are products that will make it easier for your skills to advance. I am proud to carry these products and I am proud they are made in the USA.

Turning Tools and Accessories Featuring World’s Sharpest, Longest-Lasting Carbide Inserts

Of all the woodworking directions you can take, only woodturning allows you to take one piece of wood and create a stunning finished project in a matter of hours, not days or weeks. Imagine going into your shop after work and finishing a family heirloom before bedtime.

However, before Ultra-Shear carbide insert woodturning tools, woodturning’s “dirty little secret” had always been that tool technique and tool sharpening needed to be mastered before you could get the results you want. Now, with Ultra-Shear, two simple techniques move you from roughing out your project to a flawless final surface. What’s more, sharpening equipment and skill aren’t needed at all.

Rest assured the product development team at Woodpeckers is working on the next big thing in woodturning, and right here is the best place to find out about it. The links below will take you to the specific pages for each Ultra-Shear carbide insert woodturning tools. When there’s something new, you’ll find it right here first.

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