Woodpecker Closes Dealer Network

I got an email today that Woodpecker is closing down their dealer network. I will no longer be stocking woodpecker products. I have a few items left and then that is it. They say the may use dealers again in the future but I have my doubts.

I really like the quality of Woodpecker tools and I know my customers like them as well. Unfortunately, I had to cancel a number of customer orders since they effectively canceled my orders with them. It is truly unfortunate that the chose to go it alone with out the dealer network.

One thought on “Woodpecker Closes Dealer Network

  1. Yes Todd,

    Unfortunately I’m seeing this more and more these days.

    New sales manager/ owner / financial person comes in. Not from the industry, convinces people of the “new” way to go to market.
    Usually a “newly minted” MBA (no offense meant to those MB who really learned the industry. Gets rid of traditional distribution or wants to partner with one of the box stores.
    First change is getting rid of the outside sales force, rep agencies, distribution. Now the company is strictly web-based. Now the company is just one of many. Strictly price driven.
    The knowledge base established at many long term distributors is no longer relevant. The rational is that new customers are born faster than old ones die off.
    Woodpecker is being very short-sighted. They should be cultivating distributors such as yourself.

    This year has been difficult for many. I wish you the best this year and the coming years.
    Stay safe and healthy !!

    Cheers !

    Mike K.

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