The inventory arrived! We are now in business!!

The inventory arrived in Texas after a couple of days delay in Memphis due to CBP (Customs and Border Protection) paperwork issues. We got it all cleared with no problems. Unfortunately it sat at the Memphis airport for an extra two days. I was stressing out a little bit but it arrived on Friday afternoon.

It was well packed and labeled on two pallets. Thanks to Gord and Brian and their shipper Lance for all the effort to get this product to us in Texas in one piece.

It took my wife Shelly and I about two hours to break it down and load it into the storage area (aka WTS Warehouse). We then took another hour and a half to inspect and count everything. No issues there as everything was good to go. The photo below shows about 2/3 of the stock on the shelves. The rest is stored in the room next door as overstock.

I spent most of Saturday morning preparing the website to go live. I entered all the dimensions for all the products and also the stock quantities. I had to disable all the ‘test beds’ and ‘sandboxes’ and then enable all the shipping and payment gateways for live traffic. Lastly, I updated the webpages to indicate we are open.

We are very excited to be in this business. So far the experience of starting this venture has been the best job of my life. I look forward to the next few weeks, months and years and growing this business. We hope you, the woodturning community, come back and visit often.

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