All about the “My Account” page.

Here at Woodturning Tool Store we encourage you to create an account. There are many benefits to having an account. I hope this walk through of the features lets you know what to expect.

Create an account and reap the benefits

It is easy to create an account. The password requirements are pretty low but I encourage you to make a strong password. If you lose or forget your password just use the “Lost your password?” link just below the login dialog box. This will send you an email that will enable you to create a new password.

The menu on the My Account page

Now that you have an account on Woodturning Tool Store, you have a lot of information via the menu system at the left. Click on each menu item to see what magic it holds… haha.

See all your previous orders

The order history is nice to reference should you have questions or confirm where you bought your latest tool. Hopefully you have a long order history!! 🙂

How much on the Gift Card?

This is the place to find out how much you have on your gift card. Perhaps this is the time to buy a gift card for a friend? Why not! 🙂

Store Credit. What’s this?

Well we have the ability to give store credit. Perhaps there is a return that is out of the regular period; perhaps it was a gift or give-away; or perhaps you’ve been good and Santa gave you some store credit. Hohoho, LOL 🙂

Downloads – awesome!

Ok so we don’t have a lot of downloads yet that go through the checkoput process. We plan to add more. So if you did lose the download you got at the checkout completion screen, you can come back to your account and find it here. Awesome.

PayPal Payments

Not everone uses PayPal but if you did and your had used the PayLater option the payments owing would show up here. This is all managed by PayPal not us.

Where in the world are you?

Okay simple enough. This is the place for you to verify your shipping and billing address. You can even edit them if you move. Now we know where to send all the cool tools to. 😉

Credit Cards?

Do we store your credit card number? Absolutely not!!

Your credit card number is never stored anywhere by Woodturning Tool Store. Everything is tokenized (an encrypted mess of characters) and secure between us and the credit card processor.

Who in the world are you?

Verify, correct and change your name, email address and password all right here. Ah, now I know who to send all those great tools to. Thanks.

Last is the Logout button. This will log you out of your account here at Woodturning Tool Store. How about that. If you are like me and use a browser that saves passwords then it is easy to come back and log in.

If you have any questions just let me know.

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