Drawbar sizing instructions

WTS Drawbar

Each model of lathe will have a different spindle length and therefore the drawbar’s length will have to be customized. Do not leave any more than 1 inch of bare threaded rod exposed beyond the locking wing knobs on the handle side (left side of headstock) of the spindle.

The drawbar kit comes with an 18” long threaded rod, ~15” long tubing, two wing knobs and a wooden centering cone. The threaded rod and the tubing will need to be cut to length to match your spindle length. Follow these steps.

  1. Remove the tubing from the assembly.
  2. Install the bare threaded rod through the headstock of your lathe and install an Elio-DR in the lathe spindle morse taper. Mate the threaded rod and the Elio-DR within the headstock ensuring to get about 5 turns.
  3. Move the center cone up against the spindle handle and turn the wing knobs to lock the Elio-DR in place.
  4. On the exposed threaded rod on the left side of the spindle, mark the threaded rod using a marker or tape anywhere from ¼” – 1” to the left of the wing knobs.
  5. Remove the drawbar and cut the threaded rod using a hacksaw or motorized cutoff wheel.
  6. Use a file or grinder to smooth the cut end of the threaded rod.
  7. With the wing knobs and center cone in place when the measuring was done (Step 3), replace the plastic tubing and mark it and cut it (utility knife, scissors or snips) in a place that leaves about 1” exposed where it engages the Elio-DR.

Photos below show an example drawbar








Watch this video for an overview of the process.

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Download the sizing instructions here.

Drawbar-Sizing-Instructions.pdf (530 downloads )

2 thoughts on “Drawbar sizing instructions

  1. Do not fully undrestand applaction, won’t the tail stock bring pressure enough to to secure piece to head stock?

    1. Bruce,
      The drawbar is used when there is no tailstock support. A Morse taper drive center spinning in a lathe spindle with out tailstock support could work free from its grip and come out of the taper. The drawbar is a threaded rod that goes through the lathe spindle to secure the Morse taper device so it will not fall out during turning.
      Take a look at this YouTube video where I explain the Elio-DR and the drawbar


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