New Tool Announcement!! Now available – the Hook Tool by Michael Hosaluk

Woodturning Tool Store is proud to announce the introduction of the Hook Tool by Michael Hosaluk. The hook tool has been used in woodturning for many decades but not as prevalent today especially in North America. Michael Holasuk, a world renowned turner and artist, has been promoting and selling this hook tool directly but now this fantastic tool is available from Woodturning Tool Store.

“Michael Hosaluk is recognized internationally and in Canada as one of the world’s most creative wood “turners”. Born in 1954, in Invernay, Saskatchewan, Hosaluk is self-taught.

Michael HosalukHosaluk’s work covers a wide range of objects and materials including functional vessels, furniture and sculptural pieces. His work is humorous and elegant, possesses character and gesture and is full of reference to architecture, nature and culture. Hosaluk’s work has been exhibited throughout Canada, in Europe, China, Japan, Australia and the United States.”

wood turned teapot

“My love of woodworking is not only for the beauty and mystery of the material, but in the inventing of new techniques and processes to create objects. The materials I use relate to the objects I make. At times a piece of salvaged wood will become a starting point of design. Other times, a design will call for a piece of wood with incredible grain. Using plain wood like birch allows me to approach the objects as a three dimensional canvas. Here, I can apply a variety of surface design techniques to express an idea. My work tells stories from my life, places I’ve been. people I’ve met, architecture, our environment. These stories are interwoven into the objects I create. Craft goes beyond the pleasure of our senses and deals not only with aesthetics, but social and ideological lives.”

“Also new to Woodturning Tool Store is a small half round diamond hone to sharpen the hook tool.”

14 thoughts on “New Tool Announcement!! Now available – the Hook Tool by Michael Hosaluk

    1. Hank, thanks for the comment. The hook tool is similar to a ring tool and is used for end grain hollowing of bowls and vessels. The idea in use is to rub the bevel just like most woodturning tools. But, the physical movements in use is just opposite of hollowing a face grain bowl. With the hook tool you start in the center with the handle left (close to you) and as you cut the handle gets pushed away from you.
      This hook tool comes pre-shaped and sharpened and is just under 3″ long with a shank diameter to fit into a 5/16″ opening which requires mounting in a a tool bar to hold it in use. I have tool bars in production which will be ready in the next month or so.

  1. It would be very helpful to see this tool in action with a short video. It would help you sell them as well.
    Win, win.


    1. Steve, thanks for the comment. The shaft of the hook tool is 0.27 inches in diameter (7 mm). I am getting tool bars made with a 5/16″ opening to hold this tool, which will be available in about a month.

  2. This hook tool has been around for decades demonstrated and sold by Andre Martel i different sizes which I haven’t seen or heard from in sometime, interesting that Michael Hosaluk is now promoting it, guess there are no patents in the turning world as demonstrate by Ron Brown who remarkets everything. It’s actually one of my very favorite tools for hollowing quickly removing material in shavings and leaving a slick finish but as with most tools is all about the presentation.

  3. Hook tool looks neat and I may purchase one at a later date. A question though, how do you sharpen it?

    1. Bill, thanks for the comment. The hook tool comes ground and sharpened, by Michael Hosaluk, to the correct profile. To sharpen after some use a simple diamond hone is needed. I carry the 1/4″ half round diamond hone that Michael Hosaluk uses and recommends. The hone is mostly used to sharpen the inside profile and occasionally to touch up the outside edge. A video describing the hook tool and sharpening will be available very soon.

  4. Where can we see the film that you said the first part of April that would be out in a couple of weeks.

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