NEW! DMT (Diamond Machining Technology) Sharpening Products

We now carry a select few DMT sharpening and honing products in stock. We can also get any DMT sharpening product you wish – just ask.

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After woodturning for many years I have developed the habit of honing my tools between sharpening on the grinder. This is especially true of the skew. However, I also hone the inside of a gouge flute, the top and edge of a scraper, the cutting edge of the hook tool and a few other turning tools.

It doesn’t stop there though. I will refine the points of my dividers, compass and awl. These hones can be used throughout the workshop and in the home.

Most of the honing done in woodturning is with a fine grit. The color coding is handy. Most of the products I will have in stock will be color coded red for ‘fine’ git diamond abrasive.

DMT sharpening products are proudly made in the USA

DMT-Use and Care Instructions.pdf (351 downloads )

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